Lakeshore Expert Chess Club  

Invites you to

Join us at the Lakeshore Chess Club for ALL or from your home for this unique opportunity to learn from one of the best recognized chess coaches GM Aleksander Delchev and FIDE Master Penka Apostolova

Schedule Expert Club group lessons for ALL

  • Time : Saturday 2 pm3 pm
  • Requirement : Intermediate Level
  • Membership monthly $ 120 includes Lessons & Practice
  • Lesson $ 40 Non-Members $ 45 
  • 📝 Registration Form
  • 📧 Payment by e transfer

Upcoming in May

  • May 6 Makeup class 
  • May 13 GM Aleksander Delchev 
  • May 20 FIDE M Penka Apostolova 
  • May 27 GM Aleksander Delchev 
  • June  3 FIDE M Penka Apostolova 

Master classes

  • Learn from Chess Golden inheritance  
  • Study Evergreen Grand Master games
  • Questions & Answers by Masters
  • Selected games homework link

1.  What is the minimum knowledge to avoid having any problems in the opening

2.  Is it possible to reach playable position without learning tons of theory

3.  Should we play aggressively in the opening stage or better to gradually build up  

4.  Is the choice of opening  matter of taste or are there conditions we should have in mind when building our repertoire

5.  Importance of the center in the  game. Should we always grab the center and how  significant is the center control when building up an attack on the king

About GM Aleksander Delchev

Grand Master since 1998  

  • Pic FIDE rating 2669 ♟ 36 in the World Rating list
  • International chess coach  since 2008 
  • FIDE Senior Trainer since 2016
  • Writer Publications 8 best selling opening chess  books 
  • Member of Bulgarian Olympic team 10 times
  • National Champion for Men – 3 times
  • Titles from International Chess Tournament 

 Opening books by GM Aleksander Delchev

Introduction “Expert Opening Preparation” 2023

… So far I have published about 10 books on openings and for me it is not a problem to publish another 10 or even more. However, in the modern era I believe the lifespan of an opening book is incredibly short as new games are constantly being played and new ideas being found. I feel it would be much more useful to my readers if I uncover a new approach to opening preparation, which will be more long-lasting and will improve you as a chess player as well.

Books available on Amazon

  • Delchev, Alexander; Semkov, Semko (2006). The Safest Sicilian – A Black Repertoire with 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6. Chess Stars.
  • Delchev, Alexander; Agrest, Evgenij (2011). The Safest Grünfeld. Chess Stars. 
  • Delchev, Alexander (2012). The Modern Reti – An Anti-Slav Repertoire. Chess Stars. 
  • Delchev, Alexander; Semkov, Semko (2014). The Most Flexible Sicilian. Chess Stars.
  • Delchev, Alexander; Semkov, Semko (2015). Understanding the Queen’s Gambit Accepted. Chess Stars. 
  • Delchev, Alexander; Semkov, Semko (2016). Attacking the English/Reti. Chess Stars.
  • Delchev, Alexander (2018). Bc4 against the Open Games. Chess Stars. 
  • Delchev, Alexander (2019). The Safest Grünfeld Reloaded. Chess Stars.


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