After years of teaching practice, I have chosen this combination of mental and physical art because they are complementary and supportive to one another in a way that stimulates and encourages healthy and functional development. Children who do the Program well will benefit in terms of improved self-esteem, as well as having the chance to make friends who share their interest. Children also learn concentration, logical thought, planning, pattern recognition, self-discipline, taking responsibility for their own mistakes.

This Program was successfully offered at the “Batshaw Youth Family Centers”, Dawson Alternative School for a period of 5 years and at Meadowbrook School in Lachine. It Won an award in 2005 from the Lester B Pierson School Board & was nominated for an award in 2005 from “Volunteer in Action” Quebec.


Thursdays from 6:00 to 7:00 pm
Age groups : from 5 years old to 12 years old

All materials for chess lessons will be provided
10 weeks $195 tax included

Chess lessons include:

Learning the rules and the principles of chess game; Strategies and tactics

Chess Quizzes and tournaments; Practice during the chess lesson

Homework; Q cards; Presentation; Evaluation in the end of the level


Lakeshore chess club is the first chess club in Montreal, Founded by WWII Air Force veterans in Dorval. The Club has been hosted at several different locations in the West Island over the years and now is hosted at Art Coffee Gallery in Dorval. For the last 3 years/2016-2019/ the Club has attracted a lot of new members. The board of directors and the new president /FIDE Chess Master P Apostolova the only female chess club president / worked in coordination to revitalize and marketing the club. “Lakeshore chess club” and “Chess and Yoga for kids “merged and offered a community space where everybody, regardless of age or gender could come and play friendly game. Furthermore “Lakeshore chess club for All” become a place where anyone could come and learn how to play chess or improve their skills through group lessons. The club also organizes seasonal tournaments, blitz tournaments, and an annual ChampionshipJoin us for a tournament, a game, a lesson, or as a spectator!

When: every Thursday at 7 pm

Where: Art Coffee Gallery  728-B boul Montreal-Toronto, Dorval QC H9S 1A1

Seasonal membership: $90

Monthly membership: $35

Drop in fee: $10

Beginner lessons: $80 per month, includes monthly membership


Adults who play chess or are learning to play could have extra motivation for social contact and the prevention of loneliness and isolation. Chess exercises the mind and memory, staving off dementia and other degenerative conditions. Kids and their parents from the Program “Chess&Yoga for kids” are excellent examples of mixing age groups and socioeconomic backgrounds to improve social and cognitive development.