WEB Yoga and Chess with Penka

* Family activity at Home* Fun * Support* Keep Healthy

Web Yoga&Chess offers

  • Variety of Yoga classes presented by two Yoga teachers with complementary styles *WYoga P&K* Penka and Kelly
  • Classes offered at different times to accommodate your schedule
  • Recorded yoga classes available
  • Kids Chess lessons -3 levels with Penka
  • Affordable price
  • Upgraded broadcasting equipment

How to get invitation

  • Please, register  :  e-mail registration
  • You will  receive e mail  invitation  –  Join Zoom Meeting
  • Monthly / Week pass  includes all available WEB classes
  • For each class you will receive NEW  invitation

Web YOGA Fall Season 2020 schedule

MONDAY 7:00 pm

  • Topic: Web Yoga with Kelly – Strength and mobility

WEDNESDAY 11:30 am

  • Topic: Web Yoga with Penka – Dynamic Mix

THURSDAY 7:00 pm


  • 1:00 pm Topic: Web Yoga with Kelly – Strength and mobility

Cost$ 80 monthly pass      $ 25  week pass Payment : by e-transfer payment

Web CHESS Fun for Kids

WEB Chess lessons given by FIDE Master Penka Apostolova includes online games, tournaments and three levels

Beginners Learn how to move chess pieces

Intermediated Beginner to winner

Advance Think like chess player

Web CHESS Fall Season 2020 Schedule

Beginners Starting Beginners   learn how to move chess pieces. Beginner + basic principles and rules

Thursdays 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Monthly : $ 80 /$100 Payment : e-transfer payment

PROGRAM CHESS for Kids Program description

September 24 – November 26 , 2020

Two Levels in 10 weeks, every Thursday

Intermediated Beginner to winner 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Advance Think like chess player 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Cost : $ 195 Payment : e-transfer payment

What Kids need

  • Laptop / I Pad  screen
  • Chess set
  • Pencil  / Paper
  • Free Registration at chess.com


  • Available on the Screen –  chess set, chat room,
  • During the class:  Chess lesson , puzzles , team work , online games
  • Safe practicing  online – Weekly Sunday Tournaments at chess.com

Suggestions for Parents

  • Please,  get  familiar with Zoom application
  • Please, register at chess.com/home /it is free of charge /
  • My Registration name at chess.com : chessyogakids
  • Have a cookies available after class 😊  our usual reward treat  😊

Web CHESS Club for ALL 

“Lakeshore Chess Club for All” now  is part of CUVO /Chess United Virtual Organization /We have a chance to play our favourite game ONLINE

To challenge  your favourite club player

To participate in organized – weekly chess arena tournaments

How to join CUVO

  •  Please follow the instructions on //cuvo.ca/  scroll down on home page
  • You are welcome to invite your friends to be part of our club at CUVD
  • You could play as much as you want at CUVD tournaments

Chess Club for All Information