HYBRID chess events in the Grater Montreal Area

Since 2021, FIDE / Fédération Internationale des Échecs / adopted regulations for so-called Hybrid chess competitions, i.e., “event where all players are physically supervised by an arbiter, while they play online” on their devices.

Montreal HYBRID Chess Tournament

Lakeshore Chess Club for ALL

in cooperation with

South Eastern European Chess Organization 

It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced club player or an up-and-coming junior. Important fact: the  FIDE rates individual games and tournaments. Hybrid competitions are extremely popular in Europe and the U.S., and we are bringing such an opportunity to you. Our  events are FIDE rated and can help you advance towards your goals, such as higher ratings and titles without any travel expenses. 📝Registration Form

♟ HYBRID FIDE rated games on March 12

We are bringing such an opportunity for the first time to Montreal as part of the March Weekend II Hybrid event that brings together players located in Washington State, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and former Yugoslavia – 2 games

♟ Montreal HYBRID Tournament May 6 – 7

If you have a FIDE rating and you want to gain more points, don’t miss the unique opportunity to improve your FIDE rating at four rounds Montreal HYBRID Tournament – 4 rounds

Benefits from HYBRID event

  • No travel expenses
  • Chance to gain FIDE rating
  • Game experience with strong European players
  • Meet chess communities all around the globe

Rights to participate in a HYBRID event

  • Participant FIDE ID
  • Participant chess.com alias
  • All players who confirm their registration, week before starting date of the event

Host: Lakeshore Chess Club for ALL  &  South Eastern European Chess Organization

Supervision: FIDE  certified Arbiters :   IA Vadim Tsypin ♟ IA Diana Tsypina

Competition System

Team match between CAN and EU , according to the FIDE Hybrid RULES

  • FIDE Rating 2400 and grater
  • FIDE Rating between 2200-2399
  • FIDE Rating between 2000-2199
  • FIDE Rating below 2000

Time control:    90’/end + 30″ incr. starting from Move 1

Registration in advance Form

Tournament FEE : Vary,   Depend on the number of registered participants

What participants need

  • Laptop / I Pad screen
  • Zoom application / free download /
  • Account at chess.com / free membership & download
  • Physical chess set /optional

Place: Lakeshore Chess Club for ALL      720 Boul Montreal- Toronto – Dorval

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