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YOGA weekend in Vermont, Stowe 2019


FALL season  2019 at Art Coffee Gallery


September 14 – December 17

14 weeks season 

seasonal pass             $ 195 

one class per week  $ 175 

drop in fee                    $  15 


Meridian yoga   Tuesday        6 pm

Yoga Meridian classan unique combination of Ashtanga Yoga techniques, meridian exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques . This approach integrates the psychological and the physical aspect of our being. Relaxation and awareness is the key to these exercises which are done with a balanced physical effort. * integrated therapeutic balls 

Hawaiian yoga   Saturday   10 am

Yoga from Hawaii: an unique combination of Ashtanga , Kriya and Hatha yoga. The sequence is inspiring from Hawaiian yoga retreats. * integrated therapeutic balls 


“Lakeshore chess club for All” become a place where anyone could come and learn how to play chess or improve their skills through group lessons. The club also organizes seasonal tournaments, blitz tournaments, and an annual Championship

Chess club for All

September 12 – December 12 

seasonal membership  $90

Drop in fee $10

Thursdays   7 pm to 10 pm

Beginner lessons for All 

$80 per month, includes monthly membership

Thursdays from 7 to 8 pm


PROGRAM  “Chess &Yoga for Kids”

Children who learning to play chess will benefit in improved self-esteem, as well as having the chance to make friends who share their interest. Children also learn concentration, logical thought, planning, pattern recognition, self-discipline, taking responsibility for their own mistakes. Kids and their parents from the Program “Chess&Yoga for kids” are excellent examples of mixing age groups and socioeconomic backgrounds to improve social and cognitive development

September 26 – November 22

10 weeks  $195 tax included

Thursdays      from 6 to 7 pm

Age groups : from 5 years old to 12 years old

All materials for chess lessons will be provided


Thursday Chess Club schedule 

6- 7 pm Kids class

7- 8 pm Chess lessons for All

7- 10 pm Chess club games for All

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