Following my intensive Yoga Tune up teacher training in Ottawa, I have enhanced the Weekly Yoga classes with upgraded DOMs (direction of movement) original techniques as well as Tune Up Balls:

Yoga Tune Up® is an innovative style which helps students create lasting structural changes and reach a New Normal. “The roll model@ Therapy Ball Self-Care” offers unique techniques for releasing tension and stress in the body.

tune up 3

Last Yoga class of the Fall season will be on December 16

Aditional Christmas Yoga Class on Tuesday , December 19 , from 6:00pm to 7:00pm

First Winter Yoga class will be January 13.2018

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Chess Club

Chess blitz Tournament: December 7

First Winter Chess club evening: January 11. 2018


Red Potluck Christmas Party

for Yogis and Chess players

   Thursday, December 14, after 6:00pm

🙂 Attendees are required to wear a red piece of clothing 🙂


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